C GENIAL : the senior scientific class of Suscinio is working on a project for a national competition

Publié par Lycée de Suscinio, le 27 avril 2017   1.6k

C Genial

The senior scientist class is working on a project for a national competition: C Genial. Every college and highschool in the country can participate. You just have to work on a project and to present it at differents levels. Winner gets à trip in China !

The project

We chose to treat a biology project: the associations of vegetables. But many other high schools chose to work on physics projects. Firstly, we have researched which vegetables could be associates and we have selected the turnip, the beet and the chard stalks. We planted them on a greenhouse in the farm of Suscinio. Every week a group measure and counts the sheets. With these results we can make diagrams and curves. We harvested the turnip and made them taste to an other class. We are looking for the best associations, because some plants are strength against some insects so they can protect a near plant, but the taste could be better, and the efficiency... We have already been selected for the final which will take place in Paris in May.